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I Have A Dream!

Her mum sat under the huge mango tree right outside the house, she sang softly as she carefully sorted the cow peas to get rid of any extra stones before she placed the only meal for the day on the jiko to cook. In the distance she saw her daughter make way towards the house at a very odd hour. Not wanting to ruin her moment – she was in meditation, the tree, the breeze the birds, they were all with her, comforting her bleeding heart, that feeling she did not want to let go of –she remained calm not letting her worries overtake her peace.

Taabu looked sad as she approached her mama. Her worn out dress and the polythene bag she used to carry her books just painted the picture of what loomed in the family, poverty. She came straight to her mum, with tears in her eyes explained why she was at home while everyone else was at school studying. With love in her eyes, mama pulled her close, hugged her tight, Taabu was overwhelmed she could not hold back the tears, she needed to let go of the pain, so she cried.

Days, weeks passed, she stayed at home, religiously obedient hoping that one day her father would wake up from his sleep and at least do something about her education –The father was very detached from the family. He abused the mother at will and was never around to give love to her fast growing daughter. He spent most of his days ‘hanging out with friends’ only to come home very intoxicated unable to even utter a word, but even in this state, the guy would manage to ask for food as if he cared enough to leave some money behind for it. The wife afraid of the everyday beating made sure she served him some –Which he did not eat –To him it was tasteless, cheap or disgusting… enough reasons to beat up the innocent woman –Mama came to the rescue. Her love for the only child, her Taabu, gave her hope of better days to come. She found a way to get her daughter back into mainstream society, back to school, her sister who lived in the city was the best bet for her next cause of action.

Her excitement showed straight in her glowing eyes as the train came to a halt. The thought of being away from that very complicated hurtful environment gave her joy. Being in a new city, she felt like her dreams were coming true –She had always wanted to come to Mombasa. She had heard wonderful stories about it from her friends who had visited the town some years back during the school trip her parents could not afford to pay for her. She was here now, not to visit but to stay, the smile on her face was enough evidence that she was a newbie in town –They made their way into town away from the train station where they would get into another vehicle to drive them to the estate her aunt stayed. The tall buildings, the many cars and the people left Taabu amused that she kept bumping into people as she walked on.

It was now getting dark, she was in a foreign land, alone and she did not know what to do or where to go from here. She had spent the better part of the day looking tirelessly for her aunt who she lost sight of just as they were entering the town. Her being so amused with the town and how alive it was buzzing with activity had now gotten her in trouble, stranded in a new town, a city in fact, not a village. Taabu made her way graciously to the police station –At least she remembered what she was taught at school regarding safety and the places to go to when such an incident occurred –The police man at the reception welcomed her calmly and offered her a seat. The little girl very terrified started narrating her ordeal to the men in blue who listened intently, none of them took notes or recorded the statement as was being explained by Taabu.

Taabu woke up feeling cold, lying on the side walk. She was in pain, her clothes soaked in blood. She sat there, glued to the floor, frozen to the bone not knowing what to do. Her memory so blurred due to the pain and hurt and confusion that possessed her. All she could think of was the dark room she was lead to by her only hope for safety. She was scared. She sat there, hoping the hands of time would change. She sat there wishing someone; an angel would come to her rescue. She wanted her mum, that’s all she could manage to say… Mum!

Stuff happens in life. So don’t you sit there thinking the world is against you! Learn to make lemonade out of the lemons life offers you. What is important is your attitude towards life. Do you have dreams? Do you want to accomplish things in life? Shake off the pain and keep going, that’s the only option you have.

By the way, Taabu is alive and well, she healed, went to school and now looks after her parents and is the C.E.O of a very successful company. Bless her.

Share this to inspire more souls to take action. The sun will still shine tomorrow whether you like it or not. So keep on keeping on, live for today like tomorrow will never come, this is the moment you have, hang on to it. Remember to share.

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I am on a mission to spread love by helping children grow in the foundation of love as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.

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