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7 Powerful Beliefs of Successful People

There are countless people all over the world who have proved this to be true. The secret is to maintain a positive attitude no matter what life throws your way. To be a leader, a powerful leader you have to succeed in all that you do and for this to be possible, you need to believe that yes you can win. You need to develop an open minded way of living and be ready to build on the lessons you learn along the way.

Life is a road with so many signs. As you travel along the long road of life, you will be met by so many obstacles. This life journey is so designed that you have to go up hills, negotiate very sharp corners, go down valleys, cross both wide and narrow rivers and still you have to hold strong your desire to succeed.

Some of us give up along the way because we adopt the notion that life is hard, that no matter how hard we try we will never be able to win. Successful people learn from every life experience which then becomes the foundation upon which they grow. What’s your belief?

We become what we think, so I have heard it being said. We grow up with such lessons from life but our human nature prevents us to take responsibility for our lives. Rather than accepting the lemons we get, we end up blaming others hoping lemons will turn into oranges. For us to be successful, we have to learn to carry our own crosses. We need to learn to take responsibility for our actions, all that we say or do. Build on the experiences you create for yourself. Whether you fail or succeed, stand up to that, believe that you can achieve more and that is what you will get. Build on the negatives, make lemonade out of the lemons, you will still have a drink.

You will never be able to know everything, NEVER! To be successful, you need to be humble enough to realize that you need people in your life. Learn to work with others. Identify what you need then source for the people who will produce the exact result you need, people who will support you. Don’t be a ‘Know it all’ person. 

No man is an island. As the saying goes ‘Umoja ni nguvu’ (unity is strength), you need a team of dedicated people behind your back. Successful people develop the skill of pulling man-power together to accomplish their purpose. Remember that it takes two to tango. Motivate your team and customers as they are the driving force behind your success. The stronger the bond you develop, the greater the success. 

Do you wake up bubbling with energy? Do you feel fired up to get to your daily activities? Or do you quickly stretch your hand to snooze the alarm even after 8 hours of sleep? For success to be achieved there has to be enjoyment. You should love what you do and enjoy every bit of it. You should learn to make your work the source of peace, joy and relaxation and not a drainer. Ensure you are well aligned to your life purpose and then put all the passion you have into it, wait to enjoy the treasures. 

Success doesn’t come on a silver platter. Be ready to face challenges, to celebrate, to fail and to succeed. Remember life is a journey, you are a traveler on the road to success. You should develop the positive attitude and humility as you stay committed to achieving success. 



I am on a mission to spread love by helping children grow in the foundation of love as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.

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