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Six Benefits Of Singing Karaoke

Karaoke singing holds lots of benefits for people of all ages and walks of life. Music is very fast being accepted all over the world as a form of therapy all over the world and I wouldn’t wish for anything other than that. People come to my shows to have fun, to socialize or to get the famous ‘one for the road’ – or too many – As for me, my efforts are geared towards providing a platform for healing and the promotion of well-being. Outlined below are some of the potential benefits of karaoke.

  1. Avenue for communication: – There are those among us who are naturally shy and can’t express themselves. You might have something in your heart that you want to pass across. There is some burning message inside of you that you want to let out there, we give you the microphone, you choose the song and you say it out as loud as you wish to whoever you want and in whatever way you want. We let you ‘Sing It’.
  2. Facilitation of Movement: – So you can’t dance? The moment you get the microphone, the big screen lights up and the track rolls. Your connection to the song of choice, your desire to express yourself, all these combined, dancing will automatically come.
  3. Motivation for Engaging in Activities: – Remember the shy person I told you about? My gigs are sure to motivate you to try new things in future. You will no longer be imprisoned by shyness.
  4. Emotional Support: – Research has shown that music affects us in many different ways. The waves in music are said to affect our brain thus triggering emotions depending on the music one is listening to. Music feeds the soul. We don’t care how you feel when you come to the show, we promise you one thing, that will leave the gig feeling different. You are sure to feel alive, happy and rejuvenated.
  5. Expression of Feelings: – This is where the Karaoke Tagline came about. We all go through a lot everyday. We experience different feelings daily, some good some bad. As a karaoke host, I don’t care how you feel when we meet. I am on a mission, my desire is to let you “Sing It” whatever the feeling is. My mission is to leave you feeling happy and alive.
  6. Promotion of Socialization: – This is self explanatory. People come together to have fun. Work mates, college students or friends and family hang out together in a fun and positive environment.

Did you know all this? Now you know. Don’t just sit there feeling down making up all the reasons you can’t sing. Karaoke is more than just singing. Karaoke is therapy, one of the cheapest therapy options you will ever find out there. If you have not been to a karaoke gig, look around, go and let loose. Go and ‘Sing It’ whatever it is you want to let go of.

Please let me know of your experience with Karaoke, whatever it is. It will be very nice to hear from you. Please leave a comment bellow.


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