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3D Salvation – Desire, Decision, Dedication

Once upon a time there lived a little boy who woke up every morning, sat outside their little mud house and with a lot of earnestness watched other children walk to school, their mothers holding their hands, as they smiled and laughed animatedly and as for those who cried, were comforted and attended to by their loving, caring mothers.

Now the little boy was born in a slum. Fate, as it was presented to him gave him a slap in the face at a very tender age. His mother, upon giving birth to him at a very tender age, lost her husband in the ‘mob justice system’. Alone and with a son, at only 16 years and no education as her parents could not provide the same for her sank deep into depression. To make her blues go away, she resorted to cheap liquor as it provided her the illusion of a happy life. The drinking robbed the little boy a mum, love, care, attention and at a very young age, he had to learn to survive on his own.

The little boy would wake up every morning, walk around the slum, dirty and on his back carrying a huge sack which he used to collect scrap metal to sale in exchange for a few shillings to enable him buy some food.  While at it, sometimes he would take a break and go to a nearby nursery school where he would camouflage as one of the pupils until he got some food and attended a few lessons in class then he would be kicked out by the teachers who would later realize that he was not one of them but be as it may, the little boy would wake up the following morning and do it again.

Time went by, things did not change. Mum was not there, the teachers still kicked him out and his little scrap business became a challenge he had to think fast, a boy of only eight years. He left home and went into the streets which then became his home. Be there as it was, street life brought with it so many challenges but he held strong. Alone, the little boy traveled from Nairobi to Mombasa town in where he found another home. It was here, he hoped his salvation would be found. He had a desire for a better life, he was not going to be stopped by anything along the way, that he was sure about.

One fine morning as he was going about his daily activities while at the Likoni Ferry in Mombasa, he met with what was to become his salvation. The little boy met with a lady who worked with a children’s home. The lady had with her a young boy who after inquiry, he was informed that had just been rescued from the streets and was going to live at the home. The little boy upon hearing this grew curious and asked to tag along to the centre, the lady with a smile in her face accepted and together they went to the centre which was across the ferry.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by a crowd of children who looked very happy. He was given clean clothes after taking a nice refreshing shower after which he was treated to a sumptuous breakfast. The treatment awarded him to this point was all he longed for all these years. He was happy to have finally found his salvation; his dreams were now coming true. He later went to class where he sat with other children who were glowing with life.

In the evening, the little boy was given his terms and conditions with regards to his involvement with the children’s home going forward. The nice lady informed him that he would be allowed to come and go as he wished but would not sleep there as there was not enough room to accommodate him, to this he had no objection. This to him was the full definition of a home, aa good life, what every child like him would wish for, he was not going to let this go, no matter what terms were to be laid out for him.

So he came every morning, very early, sometimes even before everyone was awake and in the evening, he would go back to the streets to sleep and wait for yet another day when he would experience ‘real life’. He would take part in all the activities of the day at the home, making sure he had fun to the fullest as the memories for the day gave him the strength to pull through the night as he anxiously waited for day to break.

The little boy after a few days of coming and going decided that it was now time to stay. So on the material day, he came to the home as usual and in the evening, he refused to go back. He explained to the nice lady that he too, wanted to be like all the other children who stayed in the centre, they didn’t have to go away in the evening and they were glowing with happiness. To this they argued a while by after consultation with her superiors, the nice lady allowed, our little boy to stay. This was step one to a life of living his many dreams, living according to his desires for a better life.

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What is your desire? What is the one thing that you want so badly that life seems useless without? What is that explosion inside of you that you are suppressing instead of letting it BOOM! Explode. What burning desire exists inside of you, but you are holding hostage, instead of letting it manifest?

See if God created us in his image, then he instructed us to take care of all that he had created. And asked us to be fruitful and increase, that we should fill the earth. If God instilled in us the desire to be more, to do more, to want more, what is holding you from wanting or becoming or doing or achieving anything in this world? What is preventing you from making the big decision to go for gold and be what God fashioned you to become? And in matters salvation, what is holding you captive, what is preventing you from living according to Christ… Decide, now is the time. Make a decision!

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I would like to bring to our attention a very interesting character in the bible – Jonah.

Children of God, for salvation to come to you, surrender is paramount. You have to decide. You have to let go and say “God, here I am, take me, do with me all that you please.” You have to decide. Make a decision!

Even after taking his sweet time to accept God’s assignment, Jonah goes to God with instructions of how things should be done. In the book of Jonah Chapter 4, he asks God to show compassion to the Hebrews but deal with the rest of the world but God has better plans. He wanted to extend his love to the whole world, to everyone, to me and you.

We make decisions everyday because of “who we are”, our circumstances and our way of life, we want things to go according to our wishes, how we want. We want salvation but in our own way. We want success and in our own way. We want to live in our own way. Pause for a moment, cheza chini kidogo, relax, be humble. Remember for a second who made all this possible, where did it all start? Surrender, decide to turn your will and life over to God and wait for guidance. He, God, brought us here, he has all the answers.

After squandering all his money away from home, the prodigal son was reduced to a beggar. He was forced to eat with the pigs. Can you imagine eating with the pigs? Well he did and it prompted him to act. He thought of his father, his many servants and how much better they lived their lives back at home. His father’s servants lived better than he was at the moment. He made a decision, he decided to go back. He was ready to be one of the many servants that his father had. You all know what happened when he went back

Who are you?  Yes who are you to think you are not worth it? Who are you to feel out? Jesus is knocking at your door, open up and let him in. Surrender, decide.

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Let me tell you a very short story as I wind up. My neighbor had a baby just recently. The other day she was telling her friends of that fateful night when the baby decided that it was now time to come forth and join the rest of humanity. She talked of how her husband played a major role in making her bare the pain unknowingly. The husband, upon seeing his wife in pain went into panic mode. Went into the bedroom, took their little travel bag and started packing, his clothes instead of the wife’s. Why? I don’t know! What is important is this, when a woman is giving birth, she is in so much pain but once the baby comes and she holds her little angel in her arms, she smiles. All the anguish gone because of her joy, the child, her little angle, her baby, is born into the world. That is dedication.

No one said that life in Christ is going to be a smooth sail. No! It’s a bumpy ride. So very bumpy that you require all the commitment you can summon to your aid. All along in his ministry, Jesus had it rough. From the moment he started up to the time he ascended into heaven he faced challenges but he was dedicated to fulfilling his purpose here on earth.

According to Pilate, Jesus had committed no crime but the people wanted him crucified. See, Jesus was a righteous man, a servant of God, but they made him carry a very heavy cross up the hill. Stripped him and with a huge hammer and huge nails, one hand was nailed to the cross, and then the another… An innocent man, they hang him up for all to see. Even in so much pain, as he took his last couple of breaths, Jesus was dedicated to his calling… “If you are truly the son of God, why don’t you free yourself and us” Said a man crucified with Jesus, but he forgave all. Then it was over. He died for our sins. That is dedication, it led to our salvation.

How dedicated are you to living right? How dedicated are you to salvation? How dedicated are you to carrying out God’s will for your life? Or are you among those who run? Do you cry and complain that this is too much for you? Do you give up when things are tough?

Learn to cultivate the desire for God, it is in you. Make a decision to turn your will to God, you have the power. Stay dedicated no matter what comes your way, God never leaves you. Live your life in 3D. Enjoy salvation in 3D. Are you living life in 3D? God bless you all.

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