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Are you looking to super charge your fitness levels?
Recent science has shown that group training actually produces better/faster results than individual/self training.
So… Whether you’re looking to get fit or you’re already fit and want to achieve ultimate physical fitness, our Fitness Boot Camp may well be the answer.
No matter how much effort you put into your training at home or at the gym, you will have your everyday life getting in the way. When you #JOINTHECLUB, you will be focused on improving your fitness and you will have a team of professionals in your corner.
The BUTTERFLY CHALLENGE FITNESS BOOT CAMP is the perfect environment to transform your fitness. You will burn fat and build muscle with our cardio and strength workouts which will surely leave you feeling fitter, stronger, leaner and more flexible than ever before…
For inquiries call/text/whatsapp: – 0717469731 or 0725862586 or 0706389671


I am on a mission to spread love by helping children grow in the foundation of love as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.

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