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Humble Bee

Life puts us on a constant rush. They say we wake up every morning, we head out in search of a better day, a different tomorrow, a future that’s only in our imagination. The ride isn’t smooth as some of us perceive it to be, it is a rough, rogue journey that only the strong endure, so we are told.

I was told to have an open mind towards life and to dream big. This is a lesson that keeps me going at life no matter what comes my way. Like I said earlier, the journey is rough and tough, well that’s just how it is designed and no matter what you do, there is no other way to make it interesting than the current design. You can try to run away from reality but tomorrow when the sun comes out it will strike again. It will be up to you to choose what works best for you, to learn or to run, that’s your choice.

A story is told of a Bee and a Wasp. They lived happily in kichaka land. They would wake up every morning as their parents headed out into the garden in search of food, the two would rush out to play darting from flower to flower, happy and full of energy.

One morning as they were out and about having fun, they came upon a house deep in the woods. Curious as they were, they decided to check it out and see who lived in there. Wasp always played his friend. He always made sure he was first in everything. He was a proud young man who never accepted second place. Without hesitation, Wasp went straight for the door, just when he was about to knock, the door opened. To their amazement, an old lady stood there, looking at them with the most beautiful smile they had ever seen.

She welcomed them in which they could not resist. Upon sitting down they were served with something that tested better than anything they had never put in their mouths before. The old lady looked at them as they enjoyed the ‘stuff’ in silence not even saying a word to one another. When they were done, they all turned and looked at her as if to ask for more. She looked at them, smiled and offered to teach them how to make that very sweet ‘stuff’ they had just tasted.

She took them to her kitchen table, laid out all her ingredients and then started explaining the procedures and mixing proportions. The Bee, all this time was silent keenly observing every step. He wanted to be able to make that very sweet stuff that he tasted. He made sure he did not blink or utter a word throughout the demonstration. Wasp on the other hand was all over the place. He knew every ingredient, every procedure and even the mixing proportions. Every time the old lady tried to explain a point, wasp would jump in and claim to know that. The old lady just looked at him, smiled and then kept on with her demonstration.

When she was done, she gave them both a bag full of the ingredients to go and use in the making of the ‘stuff’ and to also share the skill with their kinsmen. She also informed them all where to get the ingredients once they were over so that they did not have to keep coming to her all the time. The bee carefully took his bag and carried it home. Wasp, ignorant as he was, only claimed that he would be able to source most of the ingredients so he only selected a few to take home.

Bee did not want to forget a thing. When he got home, he called all his relatives and took them step by step thorough the whole process. With a lot of care and precision, he taught everyone how to make the wonderful tasting ‘stuff’ and when he was done, he invited them all to taste. They called it honey.

Well Wasp never got home with all ingredients; he believed he could source them from his little garden at home. To date he has not been able to make the ‘stuff’. He is still trying.

What if we could all have the humility of the bee and believe that with patience we can achieve great and marvelous things in life. Sometimes it is good to admit that you don’t know and allow knowledge to be passed to you. I agree that in our dreaming and wanting to be our best every day, we face challenges, we get disappointed, we succeed through hardship but that is not cause for pride and close mindedness. Learn to be open to new information as the world is evolving with every waking day.

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