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Celebrating My 3rd Anniversary

Time really flies by without our noticing. The good thing is that with every sunrise and sun set, we have a choice to be more or less. We are free to dream and to dream big. We have the promise of abundance and a constant supply as long as we are open to receive it and also be ready to let it flow to others around us.


Like I said, time flies, just the other day I was – ‘that guy’ – the escapist of reality. Tough situations and scenarios were a no go zone for me. I wanted things to go my way. I wouldn’t take anything else other than that. I am very glad of the person I have become. Time has helped me heal the wounds so deep inflicted by me, myself and I. I am stronger and brave to face yet another morning, a day at a time.


Today I celebrate my 3rd Anniversary, free from the chains of substance abuse and use. I am enlightened, better than whom I was yesterday. I have learnt to keep an open mind for I know and believe that tomorrow like today holds special lessons for me to grasp and grow even more. My health, my emotions and general relations have greatly improved. I have learnt to love others like I love myself and not myself like I love others. I am enlightened, brightened, I am happy and rejuvenated.


I am who I am. The sick guy, daily maintenance and care taking are my top priorities. I believe in tomorrow being brighter and better if only I will accept what today is, what has been put on my plate. As long as I accept God’s will for my life this moment, for today, then tomorrow will be marvelous.


I dream of many more years to come. I pray for many more days with this feeling deep inside of me. Hold my hand dear God, never let me go because alone I cannot and never will be able to make it through the day. Help me be a blessing to many. Let this little light of mine shine so bright to ignite many still in the dark. Amen!

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I am on a mission to spread love by helping children grow in the foundation of love as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.

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